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Luiz Gustavo Mori

Luiz Gustavo Mori was born in 1970 in New Zealand, to mother Mary, a teacher and father John, a business owner. He and his sister, Katerine, were raised in Australia. He also had one half sister: Olivia, that was born into his parents’ second marriage. But his closes family relationship was with Mary.

Luiz Gustavo Mori is the founder of a big consulting group, a positioning and branding firm that helps other leaders and consultants increase their fees by up to 5,000%.

His clients include:

– A former department head of a huge corporation
– A great nationwide known speaker
– CEOs of major organizations
– A former head of the strategy unit of a huge consulting firm
– Performers on network TV from all over the country
– The best selling newspaper authors in the country
– Well known speakers from big communities

Before devoting his work full-time to his consulting group, Luiz Gustavo Mori served as Chief of Executive Officer at a big corporation that had huge clients across the globe.

Luiz Gustavo Mori has written for some newspapers, blogs, websites and has written or co-created some great articles that helped key people that was fired from their positions from big companies, and transformed them in high fee consultants.

Luiz Gustavo Mori has also taught entrepreneurship at schools.

In addition to being a positioning consultant, Luiz Gustavo Mori is an aspiring actor. He has participated in several theatre acts in different cities around the world, with smaller roles, still looking for his bigger role as the main character.

Besides that Luiz Gustavo Mori is a saxophone player. He started playing professionally at age 17, when he performed with a great orchestra in a play for his school. Then he produced several independent songs, but it never took off as a professional. Nowadays he still plays his saxophone as a hobby and a music lover.